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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

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Italy, May 2023, Mobile Network Experience

By Andrey Popov, May 2023

In this report, we are including our users’ experience on Fastweb for the first time in a mobile network experience report. The newcomer in this report — Fastweb — wins the 5G Availability and 5G Reach awards. Vodafone continues to win the most national awards – it wins all five available awards outright for overall experience, and both available awards for the consistency of the user experience.

Italia, Maggio 2023, Esperienza della Rete Mobile

By Andrey Popov, May 2023

Nell'ultimo rapporto Opensignal sulla Esperienza della Rete Mobile in Italia, abbiamo incluso Fastweb per la prima volta accanto ai quattro operatori mobili nazionali precedentemente inclusi. È il nuovo arrivato in questo rapporto, Fastweb, ad aggiudicarsi i premi 5G Availability e 5G Reach, che prima erano di WindTre in Italia. Vodafone continua a vincere il maggior numero di premi nazionali: si aggiudica tutti e cinque i premi disponibili per l’esperienza complessiva ed entrambi i premi disponibili per la Coerenza dell’esperienza utente.

Swiss mobile roaming experience significantly differs from the domestic one

By Robert Wyrzykowski, May 2023

Opensignal data shows that our Salt users enjoy the fastest 4G and 5G download speeds and the best Excellent Consistent Quality when roaming outside Switzerland in nearby countries. Our users from Austria, France, Germany, and Italy generally see a worse experience on Swiss networks compared to Swiss users’ domestic experience. Users who roam on Sunrise’s network see the biggest discrepancy for 5G Download Speed and Excellent Consistent Quality.

Poor connectivity damages the mobile app business

By Ian Fogg, May 2023

With poor mobile connectivity, users spend 20% less time in each app session while with poor Wi-Fi it’s an even greater 38% less time. After seven days, app retention rates are 49% lower for users that have seen consistently poor connectivity.

Changing competitive landscape in Italy – a look at 5G networks & operator strategies

By Andrey Popov, March 2023

In this analysis, we put Italy's 5G networks into context through comparison with other major European markets. Additionally, we look at recent changes in the Italian mobile experience across operators, to understand the direction the Italian operators are pursuing with improving connectivity for users. 

Italy Fixed Broadband Experience Report - February 2023

By Andrey Popov, Francesco Rizzato, February 2023

Opensignal has analyzed our users’ real-world data across Italy, nationally and also focusing on five cities. To reflect the varying way broadband is used, we analyze six different measures of the broadband user experience: Broadband Success Rate, Broadband Consistent Quality, Broadband Video Experience, Broadband Download Speed, Broadband Peak Download Speed and Broadband Upload Speed.

The Live Video Experience in Mobile Sports, News and Game Streaming

By Robert Wyrzykowski, February 2023

In an industry first, Opensignal examines the Live Video Experience of mobile users across more than 100 global markets.