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Opensignal reports and analyses are the definitive guide to understanding the true experience consumers receive on wireless networks.

Die Berichte und Analysen von Opensignal sind ein Leitfaden zum Verständnis der User Experience in drahtlosen Netzwerken.
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Sizing the satellite connectivity opportunity for smartphones

By Ian Fogg, September 2022

Satellite connectivity is coming to smartphones, Apple is adding Emergency SoS using satellites to the iPhone 14 range. Now, Opensignal has analyzed over 100 global markets to understand the extent of the cellular “no signal” problem that mobile users face.

The rural urban divide widens with 5G rollouts in Italy

By Robert Wyrzykowski, August 2022

In this new analysis, Opensignal looked at the mobile network experience in rural and urban areas of Italy and compared it to that in five other European markets — France, Germany,  Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Quantifying the German 5G urban/rural divide

By Sam Fenwick, August 2022

In this new analysis, Opensignal has broken down the 5G experience of German users by the rural and urban parts of each state and explored the differences in users' 5G Availability, 5G Reach and 5G Download Speed.

Our users in DACH markets enjoy a superior mobile network experience on 5G than on 4G

By Robert Wyrzykowski, June 2022

In this new analysis, Opensignal looked at our users’ 5G mobile network experience in DACH markets — Austria, Germany and Switzerland — across eight metrics. We observed a substantial 4G to 5G uplift across all three markets in the speed and experiential metrics.

Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience — June 2022

By Ian Fogg, June 2022

In this latest definitive analysis of 5G worldwide leaders, there are many new entrants in the top 15 markets across different measures of 5G mobile network experience compared with the last 5G benchmark.

Deutschland, Mai 2022, Erlebnis der mobilen Netzwerke

By Francesco Rizzato, May 2022

Die Telekom siegt in allen fünf Kategorien im Bereich 5G-Erlebnis. Vodafone triumphiert beim „Gaming-Erlebnis“ und der „Sprachqualität in Apps“, während es sich den Sieg beim „Video-Erlebnis“ mit der Telekom teilt

Germany, May 2022, Mobile Network Experience

By Francesco Rizzato, May 2022

In Opensignal's latest Germany Mobile Network Experience report we analyze both the 5G experience and the overall experience together for the first time in one report. Also, we add two new awards that quantify the consistency of the experience on each of Germany's three national operators.