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Egypt, September 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By David Nedescu, September 2019

In an ongoing tie, Orange and WE just hit the threshold for Good Video Experience, where videos load quickly and with little stalling.

Report Page | No | Egypt | | David Nedescu

South Africa leads the continent in mobile network experience

By Peter Boyland, July 2019

Opensignal's recent State of Mobile Network Experience report ranked 87 of the world's mobile nations across our key metrics, with the usual suspects – Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, and South Korea – topping our global rankings.

Blog Entry | No | Egypt, Southafrica | | Peter Boyland

Egypt, March 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Peter Boyland, March 2019

Orange won both our Download and Upload Speed Experience awards fairly comfortably, with scores at least 13% faster than its closest rival in both categories.

Report Page | No | Egypt | | Peter Boyland