Opensignal Co-founder and CEO, Brendan Gill reflects on the past 10 years and looks forward to the next

Celebrating 10 years of Opensignal

A decade is a long time for any industry, but even more so in one that evolves as rapidly as the telecom sector. There have been countless, truly life-changing innovations brought on by the mobile industry, impacting almost every aspect of our daily lives.

We witnessed the rise of smart devices feeding data-hungry billions in every corner of the globe, we’ve seen technology develop from the rollout of 4G to commercial 5G launches in dozens of countries and how mobile connectivity can empower people in the most surprising ways.

As recent events have proven yet again, connectivity is too important to be comfortable with the status quo.

Our mission holds just as true as it did 10 years ago, as we look forward to another 10 years of championing the truth in mobile network experience.

Celebrating 10 years
100+ countries reported on
countries reported on
100M+ devices measured daily
devices measured daily
150+ reports published yearly
reports published yearly