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The State of Mobile Voice App Experience

By Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland, October 2019

Voice apps offer flexibility across a number of devices and networks, and have soared in popularity as smartphones become more and more ubiquitous.But what's the mobile user experience like on these voice apps on today's mobile networks?

Report Page | No | Global, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costarica, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Southafrica, Southkorea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK, Uruguay, USA | | Hardik Khatri, Peter Boyland

The state of rural Canada’s Mobile Network Experience

By David Nedescu, September 2019

For the second largest country in the world by land mass, mobile experience in rural areas is a hot topic, particularly when considering the high relative prices that rural Canadians pay for communication services compared to urban Canadians.

Blog Entry | No | Canada | | David Nedescu

Canada, August 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Kevin Fitchard, August 2019

Opensignal recorded big surges in download speeds for all of Canada's major operators.

Report Page | No | Canada | | Kevin Fitchard

Canada's 4G networks are well prepared for the 5G revolution

By Kevin Fitchard, June 2019

Canada may not be moving as quickly as its larger neighbor to the south in rolling out 5G, but given the power of its 4G networks, Canada isn't likely feeling the same pressure as the U.S.

Blog Entry | No | Canada | | Kevin Fitchard

Movies are just better in French: Quebec has the best Video Experience of the top 10 cities in Canada

By Kevin Fitchard, March 2019

The Canadian city where mobile video is at its best is none other than the eponymous capital of Quebec.

Blog Entry | No | Canada | | Kevin Fitchard

Canada, February 2019, Mobile Network Experience

By Kevin Fitchard, February 2019

Bell and Telus tied for our Video Experience award, but most notable were their scores, which exceeded the 65 points that define a Very Good quality experience in our measurements.

Report Page | No | Canada | | Kevin Fitchard