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Together let’s #EmbraceEquity

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is embracing equity. It’s a call to celebrate our diversity… and an invitation to step forward and play our part in driving positive change.

How will you embrace equity?

It feels like a daunting question… I’ll go first.

I will embrace equity by leading with inclusion; by being fair and affirmative; by making others feel like they belong. By doing what’s right.

As a woman, a sister, a mother, and a people partner, I have seen the many faces of inequality that women experience at work. At Opensignal, we’re committed to doing it differently: to break down the barriers so we can build a truly equitable workplace for everyone. We have several practices in place that help support women at work, including an Employee Resource Group (ERG) to support Women in Tech, Flex Work and Summer Fridays, generous parental leave and return to work support, inclusive talent attraction, and development initiatives, and regular equitable pay analysis.

But those are just the formal initiatives. Just as important is how we as individuals seek out the big (and the small) ways of embracing equity every single day. 

You’ll be inspired by these brilliant women at Opensignal sharing their thoughts on why equity matters, what it looks and feels like, and how we can all work towards creating a truly equal world for all of us.  

Anvita Sampathirao, Product Manager

Maggie Wilson, Data Science Manager

Makayla D'Urso, Client Analytics & Insights Manager

Olga Gabeleva, Regional Development Executive

Shobha Parsabathina, Financial Controller



For more information on International Women’s Day and this year’s theme Embrace Equity have a look here.