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Analyzing Altán Redes’ mobile experience

Opensignal’s latest analysis shows that while the average 4G download speeds of our users in Mexico on Altán Redes’ network were slower than the country average, they experienced faster 4G upload speeds and had a better experience when playing multiplayer mobile games over 4G connections.

Altán Redes provides connectivity to users via other operators on a wholesale basis, including mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). This means users do not buy services directly from Altán Redes but via its partners and customers. The goal of Altán Redes is to improve the availability of mobile services throughout Mexico. It first launched using 700 MHz spectrum in March 2018

As Altán Redes is not a traditional mobile operator that sells to consumers Opensignal does not report on Altán Redes in our regular Mexico mobile network experience reports. However, in this analysis we’ve compared the 4G experience of our Mexican users when they were connected to Altán Redes’ network (Red Compartida) — regardless of their choice of operator — against the average experience across all of our Mexican users to understand how the experience differs using Altán Redes.

Looking first at 4G Download Speed, our Mexican users observed average speeds of 17.3 Mbps when they were connected to Altán Redes — 8.2 Mbps (32.3%) slower than the national average. On the other hand, the average 4G upload speeds seen by Mexican users when connected to Altán Redes — 10.8 Mbps — were 1.3 Mbps (13.8%) faster than the all-user average. 

Altán Redes also had a slight edge in terms of the experience of our users when playing multiplayer games over 4G connections. Users clocked up a score of 50.7 points on a 100 point scale when connected to Altán Redes — 3.4 points higher than the overall Mexican gaming experience of 47.2 points. However, in both cases, our users’ experience placed in the Poor (40-65) category. This indicates that most users found this level of experience unacceptable. The majority of users reported seeing a delay in the gameplay experience and they did not receive immediate feedback on their actions. Many users felt a lack of controllability.

One issue that Altán Redes faces is that Mexican MNOs are rolling out 5G and as we’ve seen in the latest mobile network experience report, 5G already provides Mexican users with an enhanced mobile experience compared to 4G. This risks increasing the gap between the overall Mexican experience and Altán Redes. To understand future trends Opensignal will continue to analyze the situation across Mexico. Look out for more analysis of the Mexican mobile experience from Opensignal in 2023.