Yet another “year like no other”

2022 has been yet another “year like no other”. With a tumultuous 12 months behind us, I can’t help but reflect on the events that have changed the world and our lives, both professionally and personally. When I take a minute to step back, I can always find moments to celebrate and be thankful for among all that has happened, and today I choose to do that. To appreciate how far we’ve come, and to step into the new year with pride and determination. 

At Opensignal, we have finished this year stronger than we started it. The driver to that success is no secret: a brilliant and innovative group of people I’m honored to lead. United under a single vision and brand, we have grown our business, entered new markets, and partnered with leading global institutions and NGOs as we continue on our path to advancing connectivity for all. 

By joining forces we were able to analyze and share insights on connectivity to an extent that hasn't been possible before. This year alone, we have published over 150 market insights, reporting on 100+ markets. We analyzed user experience in even more detail and depth, zooming in on Italian stadiums, Swiss ski resorts and US airports. We’ve looked at network experience by spectrum bands and how power levels impact connectivity (see our analyses on Japan or Switzerland). And just recently, we published our inaugural report on Fixed Broadband Experience in the US, showcasing the power of our combined expertise. 

Looking at the industry on a global scale, 2022 was undoubtedly the year 5G went mainstream: providing substantial uplift in user experience. In the US, we've seen operators launch C-band spectrum, and high growth economies across Asia pacific and Latin America have started early deployments, with wider rollout to follow in some of the most populous countries in 2023.

While these advancements are exciting to follow, they also shed light on the challenges of digital inequality and exclusion. We are committed to doing our part in narrowing the digital divide. Through our global partnership with the Alliance for Affordable Internet, we’ve contributed to a series of deep dive reports offering recommendations on improving meaningful connectivity. 

We have also seen a move in the industry looking at experience on a local level in areas that matter most to subscribers: the places they live and work. Our series of industry reports focusing on the differences in urban / rural network experience (see examples on Austria, Germany and Italy) have shown that if users are dissatisfied with their experience locally, they will vote with their feet regardless of the national reputation of the operator.

As we leave this “year like no other” behind, we also get to choose our path for the new one. I feel now, more than ever, we need to be bold. Bold in our commitments, our ambitions, and our actions. For Opensignal we will be building even more on our newly combined strengths, while also revealing some completely fresh innovations. Through that boldness we will transform challenges into opportunities, giving us the power to evolve and to change for the better. The change that drives us is advancing connectivity for all. I hope you are able to bring about the change that drives you in the New Year.