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Employee Spotlight: Meet Lisa, Data Scientist and semi-pro baker

Welcome back to our employee spotlight series! One of the key contributors to our growth and success has been our fantastic team, so it’s fitting to bring them into the spotlight with a recurring series. We hope you enjoy getting to know the diverse and unique talent we have the pleasure to work with everyday. 

In this post, we get to know Lisa, one of our Data Scientists based in Scotland. 

What do you do at Opensignal?

I am a Data Scientist, primarily working in data credibility. Most of our work is related to building models and analyzing data to ensure all the insights we produce are accurate and free of any bias or distortions.

Did you always work in data science?

Not really. My career started in strategy. I did an MBA, and then I spent a few years in business strategy in the retail sector.  I then went on maternity leave and as I was preparing to return I discovered data science. It drew me right in. I started researching how I could get into it and thanks to open source courses I was able to attend a variety of online courses and trained myself in the various data science techniques. 

Mathematical rigor coupled with creativity seemed like the perfect fit. I always enjoyed working with numbers and data, so data science fits well into the natural evolution of my career. 

What attracted you to Opensignal?

I was looking for a role that goes beyond data modeling. I enjoy modeling of course, but I also like to see the value that you get out of it. My role here is exactly that. It’s modeling coupled with analysis. The entire company is very data driven but it also has purpose, value, and impact at the end of the data science process instead of simply “modeling for the sake of modeling”. I get to use various types of analytics and reporting tools to detect patterns, trends and relationships in our data sets which I really enjoy. 

What part of your role do you like the most?

That’s easy. It’s applying mathematical methods and models to data to come up with something that has value. My perfect day would be if you just gave me a bunch of data and I could find ways to dig out the relevant insights, to create value out of it efficiently.

What do you find unique about Opensignal?

The team is very international. I've always worked in an international environment and was actively seeking an international team. And at Opensignal I definitely found it. Working in such a diverse environment makes everyone more open minded, tolerant, and accepting. There are a variety of personalities, but everyone is treated with respect, your ideas will be heard and respected. 

What’s something you couldn’t live without?

Realistically… I have to say my pillow.

That's a good one ...

I do like my sleep, I’ll be honest. I’m a mum of an 11 and a 13 year old, they keep me busy. 

What was the last book you read?

It’s a book called Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors by Lizzie Collingham.  It's a collection of short stories telling the history of India through food. From the Mughal Empire through to the Persian and Portuguese influence. It’s a really interesting and entertaining read. 

What’s a TV show you are ashamed to admit you love?

Oh there are way too many. I love reality TV shows. Can’t really pick one, there are too many! But that’s my guilty pleasure. 


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