Speed testing with purpose

When we launched Opensignal over a decade ago we had a clear mission: to provide independent, accurate insights on the state of mobile networks, advancing connectivity for all. We got straight to it and started by developing our very own app that would help everyday users understand their connection and provide a true snapshot of their network health. That was the beginning of the Opensignal app

Speed tests & much more

Following a number of iterations and a host of new features, the Opensignal app today is one of the most comprehensive mobile connectivity and network signal speed testing tools available.  With an average rating over 4.2*, it’s top of ranking charts for speed test apps across dozens of countries.  From signal availability, through to coverage maps, operator comparisons and speed and video tests, the app helps users understand their network experience.

From working and studying to banking and playing, connectivity has become key in our daily lives. That’s why it’s so important for us to offer our apps free and ad-free.

Find out more about the Opensignal app, available for Android and iOS.

Network testing #ungeeked 

But we get it, not everyone is a network testing geek like we are.  We also wanted to help those who just want to know if their favorite apps will work fine on their network connection.  With our sister app, Meteor, we built a library of 46 (and counting!) of the world’s most popular apps - from social media through to streaming and gaming  - and created an algorithm that will match users speed and latency tests to a simple score based system. You don’t have to know your megabits from your megabytes, or keep in mind what latency is good enough for a video call. Meteor does that for you. 

Meteor is available to download in the App Store and Google Play

Testing for the sake of testing? 

Tools are great. Tools with a purpose are even better. Our aim with both our apps is to empower users to make informed choices about network providers in their area.

At the same time, the measurements from our apps also help us understand what's really happening on networks from the source that matters most - actual users. We aggregate and analyze all the information contributed by our app community to help us report the truth in mobile experience. Our reports provide invaluable insight on the communications industry, and are widely used by operators, regulators, analysts and NGOs working to improve network connectivity around the world. 

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