Better app performance is grounded in data, here’s why

We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that”. Thanks to a rise in smartphone technology and usage, as well as the evolution of mobile networks, there’s a myriad of top rated apps competing to make mobile users’ lives easier, smarter, more organized… and the list goes on. 

But this omnipresence also makes it all the more apparent when users' experience while using apps falls short of expectations. When the navigation hangs, or their video call drops, the effect is infuriating... and instantaneous. 

Ultimately, mobile users want a seamless experience when using their favorite apps. To trust that they will work when needed, and work well. Which led smartphone manufacturers, mobile network operators and developers to invest billions in finding novel ways to make our mobile connections better. 

It all starts with data

Before we can think of ways to improve connectivity, we first need to have an objective and accurate view of where we stand today. 

Let’s take a look at how this works here at Opensignal: it all starts with data. A lot of it. To analyze and report mobile network experience as accurately as possible we collect billions of individual measurements every day from over 100 million devices worldwide via our own and partner apps.

Scale really does matter. We are scientifically confident in our findings because we have large enough samples in the areas we report on. Whether that’s looking at an entire country, or zooming in on an NHL arena, we collect and analyze a robust volume of data to make objective comparisons and reach scientifically sound conclusions in all our reports and insights.

But how do these reports help me get a better connection?

The magic word is knowledge. Our reports provide telecom operators with insight and analysis to help them better understand their subscribers’ experience and take more informed business decisions.

But we don’t stop there. We also team up with NGOs (such as the Alliance for Affordable Internet) to help them in their efforts to advance connectivity. And as our reports are publicly available for all, we empower mobile users across the globe to make better and informed choices when selecting their service providers.

With improved service and more informed consumers, mobile users in all corners of the world can enjoy a better experience when using their favorite apps. All grounded in the steady foundations of data.  

Over the past 10+ years we’ve grown beyond our wildest dreams: today we report users’ real-world mobile network experience on most major network operators around the globe. 

But we want to go even further. Find out how you can join us on this mission and help advance connectivity for all.