Going beyond the speed tests: new features in Meteor and Opensignal iOS

Knowing how fast your internet speeds are is important. But what about understanding what those numbers actually mean.

Can you stream a video on 6 Mbps? What about downloading a podcast? Will you lose your winning streak on Fortnite because of poor network responsiveness?

We set out to answer all those questions (& many more) by boosting the capabilities of our two signal testing apps: introducing a brand-new video testing feature on Opensignal and growing the number of apps measured by Meteor to 40+ apps. 








Can your favorite apps run smoothly?

Meteor instantly shows you your current internet connection speeds for download and upload along with your network’s latency. And then it tells you what your results actually mean. No more guessing whether your current internet speed is good enough to stream a video, play a multiplayer game or join a video call. 

In the past weeks we’ve been working on introducing dozens of more apps to Meteor’s dashboards, including your favorite mobile games - Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG  -, remote working staples like Zoom, Webex and Slack, or your everyday basics including Facetime and Netflix. Our bank of 40+ apps have your favorites covered. 








For a full list of supported apps and more details, download Meteor for iOS

Real-time video streaming test with Opensignal

In addition to all the features of Opensignal you know and love - the speed tests, dashboards and coverage maps - we recently introduced a brand-new mobile video testing feature showing you what video streaming quality you can expect with HD and SD videos. 

The test runs a 15 sec video snippet to test and log load time, buffering, and playback issues, all in real-time. 









Run your video test with Opensignal, available now in the AppStore!