US Video Consumer Survey


In November 2019, Opensignal commissioned a survey to understand U.S. consumer attitudes to mobile video as a complement to Opensignal's report on the quality of mobile Video Experience across 100 countries and our USA Mobile Network Experience report which quantifies the experience of our users across different U.S. wirelesss carriers.

Select findings from this online consumer survey are below.


Which apps have you used to watch video on your smartphone in the last month?
(select all that apply)

Amazon Prime37.3%
The app from my cable or satellite TV provider12.0%
Apple TV8.4%
A news app16.9%
None of the above8.4%
n= 1054 


What type of video have you watched on your smartphone in the last month?
(select all that apply)

Short videos (< 5 minutes)63.9%
User-created content35.6%
Video Ads28.0%
TV programs38.6%
Live sports e.g. baseball, football, basketball.18.6%
Game streaming18.7%
Other (please specify)10.1%
n = 1054 


Where have you watched video on your smartphone in the last month?
(select all that apply)

At home, on a Wifi connection71.2%
At home, on a cellular connection38.0%
At work, on a Wifi connection28.2%
At work, on a cellular connection26.4%
In a car37.7%
On public transportation15.9%
In a restaurant or bar21.4%
At the gym9.5%
On the street14.2%
In another location22.6%
None of the above6.1%
n = 1054 


Which of the following statements applies to you?
(select all that apply, not all answers shown)

I have experienced stuttering or freezing when watching video on my smartphone43.4%
If mobile video playback stutters or freezes, I give up trying to watch30.4%
I sometimes switch to cellular in order to watch video on my smartphone28.2%
n = 1054 


How often do you watch mobile video on your smartphone?
(select one)

Several times a day36.5%
About once a day19.4%
2-3 times a week19.5%
About once a week9.7%
Less often8.8%
n = 1054 


Which of the following new video streaming services are you aware of?
(select all that apply)

HBO Max41.1%
Apple TV+59.2%
None of the above17.6%
n = 1054