OpenSignal tests show Telcel has the fastest upstream connections in Mexico

Got a massive file to upload or want to stream live video from your phone? In Mexico at least, Telcel is the operator best equipped to handle either feat, according to OpenSignal's latest tests. We put Mexico under the lens of our new experimental upload metric and found that in 4G, Telcel beats out both AT&T and Movistar, averaging upstream connections of 11.7 Mbps.

Our results showed AT&T was a close second to Telcel with an average LTE upload speed of 10.2 Mbps, while Movistar was much further behind, averaging 7.7 Mbps. Those rankings closely follow our rankings for 4G download speed in Mexico. In our last State of Mobile Networks report for the country, AT&T and Telcel were tied for 4G download speed with averages well over 22 Mbps, while Movistar brought up the rear at 14.5 Mbps. Such similarities shouldn't be surprising. Speed is a function of capacity, and operators that typically have more capacity devoted to the network downlink also have more capacity allocated to the uplink.

This isn't the first blog post in which we've examined upload speeds in an individual country on an experimental basis, but it may well be the last. We plan to move beyond this kind of case-by-case analysis and include 4G upload speed as one of core metrics in all future State of Mobile Networks reports very soon. So be sure to check out OpenSignal's reports page as we continue to add new data and new areas of analysis.